The Chicago Sun-Times has the most recent from Chicago 2016:

Michael Scott’s role in helping West Side ministers develop city-owned land near a proposed Douglas Park Olympic venue raised the perception of a conflict of interest and should have been disclosed up-front, Chicago 2016 acknowledged Wednesday.

“In hindsight, given Mr. Scott’s role as agent for the group, it is understandable that a third party, without knowledge of the facts, might perceive a conflict of interest,” Chicago 2016 said in a prepared statement.

“It would have been preferable if Mr. Scott had disclosed this situation so the matter could have been vetted by the Chicago 2016 Audit Committee and any perception of conflict could have been avoided.”

The statement went on to say that Scott, who also serves as Chicago School Board president, “intends to submit a revised conflict of interest statement” outlining his role in the proposed development and “affirming that he has no financial gain from the project.” He also “intends to accelerate his separation as agent for the group,” officials said.

Scott could not be reached for comment.

We can only hope that there are enough members of the Press left in Chicago to keep an eye on all of this.  Chicago has been plagued with political patronage for so long it must almost seem natural by now.

I really hope the Olympics come to Chicago.  I hope even more the games can benefit all.

The pols must be kept under extreme scrutiny.