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Who are these angry white Republicans who are disrupting Democratic congressmen and women at their town hall meetings?

Turns out they’ve been sent to these meetings by D.C. lobbying groups with ties to the health insurance industry.  Shouting out spoon-fed talking points from the insurance industry, they’re defending the millions of dollars these for-profit companies take in over our dead bodies.

Olbermann unmasked the Dems and GOP members of congress on the take from the health insurance industry.  Now Rachel Maddow exposes the lying liars recently heard screaming for the corporations at these town hall meetings.

Watch this video closely.  The insurance industry is actually claiming the proposed health care plans before congress with mandate sex change operations.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s go to Conservatives for Patients’ Rights.  Here’s their list of congressional town hall meetings.  Conservatives for Patients’ Rights is a Washington D.C. -based lobbying organization that’s run by Richard Scott, a former hospital executive.  According to Rachel Maddow, Scott was forced out of that company in the midst of a fraud investigation that resulted in the company paying a $1.7 billion fine.

That’s who these angry white Republicans are taking tap dancing lessons from.  As Maddow reports, “This is a health care industry-linked lobbying group organizing uprisings at town hall events.”

Let’s look at Freedom Works, which gives instructions on how to scream and shout at town hall meetings for that perfect YouTube sound bite, ensuring there will be no discussion, no civil discourse, at these events.

Republican strategists are claiming these shouting matches are simply Democracy in action.  What they are in fact is the absence of Democracy, wild attempts to stop dialogue, to make sure no intelligent discussion takes place. They scream and shout when anyone with a view different from their own begins to speak.  They are the voice of the health insurance industry clamping down on Democracy and each and every one of us, the American people, doing everything possible to shove us down and shut us up, so the industry can pick our pockets at will.

We see them for who they are.

So we call out these GOP insurance-industry-worshipping know-nothings, and applaud the Democrats and Republicans in congress who are seeking true healthcare reform.