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Chris Lake is a photographer from Park Forest, IL. We had the chance to chat briefly recently and exchanged emails. He invited me to stop by his Web site and take a look at his work.

Very stirring.

What caught my eye most is the fact that hope for change is fading on the south side of Chicago.

From Unforseen Developments:

I was recently commissioned to shoot a story about gun violence on the south side of Chicago. Working with a reporter from UK’s The Guardian, I heard many tragic stories about how gun violence has been destroying lives in that part of the city in epidemic proportions. These people are understandably upset and angry and it shows in their eyes. The problem is getting worse and worse and no one seems able to figure out what to do about it. Hopes that President Obama, himself a southsider, would do something once he took office have faded and residents feel increasingly abandoned and desperate.

I’m looking forward to reading this story in the The Guardian.

Chris says he is looking to collaborate with designers to use some of the photography from the gun violence.  Contact him on is blog if you are interested.

Stop by and take a look at his blog. The photographs, well, speak volumes.