Honestly, have you had enough of the stupid old white men repeatedly attacking Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor over her “wise latina” remark?  How can Republicans possibly waste the entire confirmation hearings focusing on speeches, and ignoring all of the nominee’s decisions?

Any Republicans reading this?  I’d love to know your “approval rating” of the stupid white men you sent to the United States Senate.  How can they dance for days without asking one substantive question?

From Salon.com:

By the sixth hour of the hearing, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham had dispensed with the formalities altogether. “If I may interject, Judge, [lawyers] find you difficult and challenging more than your colleagues,” Graham blurted, without irony. “Do you think you have a temperament problem?” A minute later, he had turned, weirdly, to personal advice: “Maybe these hearings are a time for self-reflection.” Graham also cautioned Sotomayor to “appreciate the world we live in,” in which she could say something about a “wise Latina” and still expect to win a seat on the Supreme Court — since white men wouldn’t be able to get away with similar remarks. And he led her through a ritualized denunciation of al-Qaida, asking how women would be treated if the jihadists had their way.

What made his performance even stranger, though, was that Graham is likely to vote for Sotomayor’s confirmation. “Now, let’s talk about you,” he told her, just before haranguing her about her temperament. “I like you, by the way, for whatever that matters. Since I may vote for you that ought to matter to you.”

Honestly, Lindsey Graham showed his idiotic side this week.  At times, he appeared juvenile in his attempts to bait the judge into an inappropriate remark.  Too bad for him.

I found one media report amusing this week: before television, there were no lengthy Supreme Court hearings.  Without a pulpit, these things just happened, and took little time.

Imagine that.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.  She seems firm but fair.  And she really knows the law.

That’s all we can ask.