Everyone has suddenly discovered Twitter.  The Inland Press Association recently profiled some journalists who are using the social networking site to tell the world what they’re doing, 140 characters at a time.

Pols are “tweeting” as well.  During President Obama’s address to Congress, many Republicans were caught tweeting, some sounding intelligent, some juvenile.


Well, Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica has discovered Twitter also.  With a bit more than 600 followers as of right now, according to the Sun-Times, Tony has taken up Twitter, tweeting from County Board meetings.

Last month, Peraica started posting short messages — called “tweets” — during board meetings about everything from contract votes and political bickering to his opinions and wisecracks in 140 characters or less.

With a few strokes of the keyboard, he’s part legislator, part reporter and part talk-show host.

“I think it’s important to keep the public informed about what’s going on with the board as it happens,” Peraica said. “This is a wonderful technology that enables us to keep in touch with 600 to 700 people who care about what happens at the meeting.”

Tweet away, Tony.  Tweet away.

What struck me about this particular account of Tony Tweeting was Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s response:

“I think it’s strange,” Stroger said. “It doesn’t sound kosher. He probably shouldn’t be typing while we’re doing business. Maybe that’s why he can’t remember how he voted on things two weeks ago.”

Doesn’t sound kosher, Todd?  Really?  Kosher?

Talk about your bad blood.  This just sounds silly.

We get it that the two of you don’t get along, but can’t you disagree on issues without being so disagreeable with each other?

Todd Stroger loses this round.  Who cares if Tony Peraica fires off 15 (the count at the last meeting) short sentences into cyberspace during a County Board meeting?  Who cares if any other commissioner tweets?  If 600 or more Cook County residents care enough to read, then that’s enough.  Why use the occasion to take a cheap shot at a colleague?

Cook County residents need a board that functions.

Talk about issues, and stop these juvenile digs.  Or Tweets.