I am so tired of everything Blagojevich right now.  Governor Blago’s Flying Circus will near its final act Thursday when the soon-to-be former governor addresses the deliver a 90-minute plea to garner support from lawmakers so he can stay in office.


I have no doubt that Blago will continue to court the media.  He needs that book deal.  He needs that movie.

Personally?  I’d cast George Wendt as Blagojevich.  Poetic justice, you know.

Blago’s newest best friend is Geraldo Rivera.  Rivera somehow believes Blago is getting a raw deal.  Watch him here on Fake News.

The last hurrah will be Thursday.  Finally.

From the Sun-Times:

The governor has boycotted the first three days of his impeachment trial, arguing in a national media barnstorming blitz that the rules are stacked against him.

Under those rules, the governor will get 90 minutes to make his case that he should not be convicted of the pending impeachment article against him. House prosecutor David Ellis, meanwhile, will get one hour to argue for Blagojevich to be removed.

And when all is said and done and the last gavel has finally sounded on this bizarre ordeal, legislators will return to the task of actually governing.

I’m ready for the final curtain on this one.