As Blagoland continues to implode, let’s take a trip back in time and watch the Democrats in Denver this past summer.  Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. started it as he embraced then State Senate Majority Leader now Congresswoman-elect Debbie Halvorson.

Jackson was sincerely moved by the hug with Mayor Richard Daley.

But Speaker Michael J. Madigan and Gov. Blagojevich?  According to a source who was in the room at the time, as they embraced, Blago whispered to Madigan, “I knew he was going to do this!”  And they parted as quickly as they came together.

Jesse’s a good guy. I’m not a fan of his Annual Roast — the humor is far too rancid for my tastes any more — but, in all fairness, Jesse does not start the bad jokes. That comes from all the sauced pols tryining to do stand-up.

But Congressman Jackson has always been there for us in the South Suburbs of Chicagoland when we needed him.

Looking back at all those hugs now, well, wow…. What a difference a few months makes!