John McCain can’t catch a break: all the news coming from the McCain campaign is bad news these days.  From reports that Sarah Palin’s makeup artist is McCain’s highest paid staffer for the first part of October, new reports surface that John McCain’s brother called 911 to complain about traffic.

From the CBS 2 Chicago:

The brother of presidential candidate Sen. John McCain says he’ll withdraw from campaign activities after calling 911 to complain about traffic. Joe McCain says he’s sorry about the call.

The GOP candidate’s brother, who lives in Alexandria, Va., told Washington radio station WTOP he was returning from a campaign event in Philadelphia around 2 a.m. Saturday when he got stuck in traffic at a bridge.

Frustrated, he called 911 to figure out what was going on. He also called the Alexandria Police Department.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

For the record, if you had been lucky enough to land the job packing makeup onto Sarah Palin’s face, you would have earned a whopping $22,800 for the first two weeks of October.

Obviously Palin’s $150,000 shopping spree wasn’t enough.

Republicans must be thrilled at this responsible use of campaign funds.