Former Chicago police commander Jon Burge was arrested in Florida, “finally,” according to the Sun-Times.

Apparently Burge just saw the seven page indictment when the judge walked in:

Burge put on the glasses, leaned back in his chair and started reading the indictment against him when the judge walked in. The judge asked if he had read the charges against him.

“I just started reading it when you got on the bench, your honor,” Burge answered in a thick Chicago accent.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas B. McCoun III gave him time to read it and explained to him he was charged with crimes “dating back to the city of Chicago police department,” saying the allegations have to do with torture or physical abuse of inmates or detainees.

At that, Burge nodded his head and lifted his hand to indicate he read it.

“John Burge shamed his uniform, and shamed his badge,” U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said at a press conference.

Burge served as a Chicago Police Officer from 1970 until 1993, according to the three-count indictment.  The strongest language is in Count One:

During the time that defendant JON BURGE was assigned to Area Two, JON BURGE was present for, and at times participated in, the torture and physical abuse of a person being questioned on one or more occasions. In addition, during the time he worked as the lieutenant supervising Area Two Violent Crimes detectives, JON BURGE was aware that detectives he was supervising engaged in torture and physical abuse of a person being questioned on one or more occasions.

This is a dark day for police in the Chicagoland area.  We recognize the overwhelming majority of officers who serve well do justice to the uniform and the badge.

To those few bad apples who may be tempted to act as Burge allegedly did?

Patrick Fitzgerald does not make his move until he’s ready.

You don’t want to be in his sights when he does.