McCain answers the question by dishing out more dirt at Obama.  McCain is admitting nothing here.  John McCain cannot answer the question.

Obama’s key response, “A hundred percent of your ads, John, have been negative.”

McCain cites ads from Obama criticizing McCain’s policies.

Again with Joe the Plumber.

At last, Obama goes for the jugular, citing the numerous examples from McCain’s campaign stops where his supporters shout, “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” when Obama’s name is mentioned.  Obama goes on, and McCain is rocking back and forth, heating up.

Will we see the famous McCain rage?

McCain is ready to blow.  McCain is losing it.  McCain is repeatedly interrupting Obama.

At last we’re seeing the real John McCain.  Obama speaks again.  McCain makes faces, looking like a child sulking.

McCain has to mention Bill Ayers — who, by the way, IS A REPUBLICAN!

Obama handles that well, and is actually keeping his cool in the face of this onslaught.