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No One is Pro-Abortion, John.

Okay, I’ve watched this debate for over an hour.  Who is John McCain looking at?  Barack is talking about abortion, and McCain is glaring out into the netherworld.

Obama stresses his objections to late term abortions, and hits the nail on the head stressing the need to consider the health of the woman.

McCain just lost the vote of millions of women when he mocked this concern for the “health” of a woman. McCain actually tossed his hands in the air, mockingly drawing quotes around the work “health,” saying that the idea of “health” has been stretched.

Big, huge mistake, John.  But we needed to hear that, because that’s what’s in your heart.

McCain is taking a hard line that lacks compassion and any depth.  McCain has sold out to the extreme right, the Neo-cons, and consummated his relationship with Karl Rove.

How much can the U.S. reduce dependence on foreign oil?

Debate Question 4: The Choice of Veep

Now, why would we be in a better position if your running mate became president?

Brilliant question.  Obama is going on and on and on about Joe Biden’s numerous qualities and his incredible experience.

John McCain goes on about Palin.

Obama talks about autism.

McCain goes on about spending.  Obama flashes an incredible smile.  Poise on the left, rage on the right.

Question 3: McCain Defends the Dirty Campaign

McCain answers the question by dishing out more dirt at Obama.  McCain is admitting nothing here.  John McCain cannot answer the question.

Obama’s key response, “A hundred percent of your ads, John, have been negative.”

McCain cites ads from Obama criticizing McCain’s policies.

Again with Joe the Plumber.

At last, Obama goes for the jugular, citing the numerous examples from McCain’s campaign stops where his supporters shout, “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” when Obama’s name is mentioned.  Obama goes on, and McCain is rocking back and forth, heating up.

Will we see the famous McCain rage?

McCain is ready to blow.  McCain is losing it.  McCain is repeatedly interrupting Obama.

At last we’re seeing the real John McCain.  Obama speaks again.  McCain makes faces, looking like a child sulking.

McCain has to mention Bill Ayers — who, by the way, IS A REPUBLICAN!

Obama handles that well, and is actually keeping his cool in the face of this onslaught.

Question 2 to Obama and McCain: What Will You Cut Back?

Obama stresses “Pay-as-you-go.”  Wants to eliminate “a whole host of programs.”

McCain’s looking glib.  Let’s see if he answers the question.

Well, McCain starts by referring to the Great Depression.  He’s interrupted by Bob Schieffer, “What will you cut?”

McCain talks about energy.

“We have presided over the largest increase in government since the Great Society!”

That’s right on.  McCain has presided over this increase.

Again, McCain refers to an “overhead projector” in Chicago.  Ugh.  Do any of these Republicans understand science?

McCain says he will balance the budget, but comes back to “energy independence.”  No specifics.

Obama refutes McCain, reminding McCain that even Fox News agrees with him on this one.

Debate 3: It’s the Economy Stupid

The third and last presidential debate is underway, and Topic A is the economy.

Right now Barack Obama is talking, and John McCain looks like he’s in pain, staring at Senator Obama.

John McCain is talking about “Joe the Plumber” in Ohio.

I’m sure we’ll hear from Joe the Plumber tomorrow from the major media.  Obama’s back to policy, talking about his tax cuts.  McCain is staring off in to the distance, now returning back to Joe the Plumber.

Obama stresses again that he’s going to cut taxes for 95% of all Americans.

McCain is hammering taxes, but no plan yet.

Ah, here it is.  McCain wants to cut taxes even more.

How will McCain pay for his new programs?

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Remembering John McCain’s Mr. Puddles

Absolutely hilarious.  From The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart.