If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Margaret and Helen yet, please allow me to introduce you.

Helen Philpot, 82-years-young, says her grandson taught her how to use a computer so she could “blog” with her best friend Margaret Schmechtman, a friend of 60 years.  She says she has three children with her husband Harold.  Margaret has three dogs with her husband Howard.  Helen live in Texas and Margaret lives in Maine.

They have a blog.

Their blog is very, very funny — and spot on.

From a recent post:

Hello world.    Well where do I begin?  I am shocked at the response to my little rants.  You sure do know how to make an old gal feel special.  Of course there is another woman out there who feels special, but that’s only because she’s been shooting caribou out the window of her Straight Talk Express on the way to her next Republican hillbilly rally.

For crying out loud America.  How bad does it have to get?  Senator McCain is practically crumbling to dust before our very eyes while Governor Palin is out in the hinterland screeching about some 60’s hippie who bumped into Obama once or twice over the years. This from the woman who panders to secessionists in Alaska. Please, dear God, somebody throw a stone because that glass igloo needs to be shattered!

Ain’t that America?

Whoever they are, they’re very funny, and I appreciate their take on things.

Add them to your list of blogs to read.