The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a heartwarming story about an 85-year-old woman who came to vote on a stretcher, right after a dialysis treatment.  Perhaps we should somehow be more understanding because of her age, but this is what Mary Hilferty told reporters:

“I’m here for Hillary, and I hope everyone else is, too.  There are some black people who are ready to be president, but [Illinois Sen. Barack Obama] is not one of them. [New York Sen. Hillary Clinton] has made some goofy mistakes, but she’s a woman and she thinks like a lady.”

Evidently thinking like a lady entails making a decision as to whether one of those “black people” is ready to be president.

Take a trip to Pittsburgh, sometime.  It is still very, very segregated.  Century III Mall in West Mifflin is a haven for white people.  Eat’nPark on Clairton Blvd. just up the street from the mall is whiter than white.

How much was race a factor in Pennsylvania?

It was huge.