Google Ads. Gotta love them!

Turning Left has been a low volume blog for the past few months. Now, however, it is really starting to take off. We have over 500 regular readers! We enjoy sharing our views, but the real key is when we all leave our computers, we must act. We must do. This cannot be the end of the story.

I place some Google Ads here to help pay for the site. That’s a no-brainer. But John McCain has been showing up of late! And I don’t want him here.

I know if someone clicks on his ad, they’re taking money from John. Pennies, but a few million pennies here, and a few million pennies there, and, before you know it, you’re talking about real money!

But I don’t want John McCain on my blog. So I’m booting his URL from my Google Adsense account. Not now, not today, never again.

Oh. And Ann Coulter too. Next time she shows up here, she’s history.

No, not the history she creates when she writes or speaks.

History as in gone.  Not here any more.  Somewhere else.