I blog about a war I don’t like.? Others blog.? We run to our computers and read each other’s blogs.? And the terrible war goes on.

I don’t understand the silence — the goddamn deafening silence.? I don’t understand our level of comfort letting this all continue.? Do we really feel that helpless?? Have we become that sensitive to what is political, to getting our people back in office and keeping them there, that we persist in doing nothing?? Are we really that helpless?

America stands by and watches while civilians die, while soldiers die, while children die.? We watch childred die, and really don’t ruffle a feather when the President of the goddamn United States says we should go shopping — shopping — so the terrorists don’t win.

3,189 American soldiers dead.? Soon, it will be time for another moment of silence on Turning Left as soldier 3,200 dies.? 11 to go, and another young man or woman checks out early.

Dulce et decorum est?

I think not.

And neither did Wilfred Owen.

We’re all part of the goddamn, deafening silence.