He would be funny if all we had to deal with was inflation, or a break-in at the Watergate, or a stained blue dress. But we have so much more to deal with, and it hurts. We’ve tried bumber stickers: “No One Died When Clinton Lied,” or, my favorite, “FRODO FAILED: Bush has the ring.” We all laughed when Bush ran for office the first time, and we realized how much he looked like a chimp. Ron Chusid has chronicled some of Bush’s “Wisdom” here, things like:

“I’m a war president. I make decisions here in the Oval Office in foreign policy matters with war on my mind.” –George Bush, Feb 8, 2004

“I want to be the peace president.” –George Bush, July 20, 2004

Warning from George Orwell of what tyrants will claim: “War is Peace”

Let’s hear more, Ron!

But the sad and sorry truth is that this misspeaking man who makes photo-ops out of disaster is still in charge. The Left has been out-maneuvered by the right for too long. Even some Republicans can’t believe they voted for him.

There comes a time in every president’s life when he starts to think about his or her place in history. Bill Clinton reportedly thought about it a lot. George Bush doesn’t seem to think too much. George Bush isn’t the contemplative type. George Bush doesn’t read that much.

And George Bush is poised to take this country to defeat in two wars. Iraq is already lost. DoD sources show 3,002 American soldiers killed, 46.880 non mortal casualties, between 52,404 and 57,980 Iraqi civilians, hundreds of thousands wounded, and the beat goes on.

Afghanistan is not faring well either. Operation Enduring Freedom has cost us 357 American lives, and 5,994 non mortal casualties.

I know the president isn’t totally happy. After all, today it’s sunny, and 46 degrees in Crawford. But it feels like 41.