It’s going to happen any day now. The New York Times reports:

Iraq Prepares to Execute Hussein

Published: December 29, 2006
Iraqi officials prepared the last legal notice necessary before the execution of Saddam Hussein, a red card that will be presented to the former dictator to inform him that his end is near, Iraqi officials said.

The execution will likely take place tonight or tomorrow, according to the article.

Apparently the Iraqis have yet again surprised the Americans. The article continues:

The pace of events left some of the American legal advisors working on the case stunned, according to one Western official. For all the guidance the Americans provided, in the end the dictator’s demise did not go the way they expected, the officials said.

“It just goes to show that the Iraqis call the shots on something like this,” the official said.

My only hope is that this will not incite further violence. No doubt “W” is dancing behind closed doors right now. Fiddling, more likely, while Iraq burns. And First Twins Jenna and Barbara are most likely passed out in a bar someplace, losing a purse again. We’ll read about it all in the society pages.

While more lives are lost on both sides, and Iraq burns.