Daily archives: January 13th, 2010

What Can You Do For Haiti? Olbermann Has An Answer From Pras Michel (Video)

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What can I do for Haiti?

Keith Olbermann interviews Pras Michel, who has excellent advice on what you can do for Haiti.

Olbermann Rips Robertson and Limbaugh on Haiti (Video)

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Keith Olbermann rips Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh over their exploitation of the tragedy in Haiti.

"I would wish you to Hell, but…"

Please watch the video. It’s not long.

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

From our dear, dear friends at The Onion:

At first glance, high school senior Lucas Faber, 18, seems like any ordinary gay teen. He’s a member of his school’s swing choir, enjoys shopping at the mall, and has sex with other males his age. But lately, a growing worry has begun to plague this young gay man. A gnawing feeling that, deep down, he may be a fundamentalist, right-wing Christian.

"I don’t know what’s happening to me," Faber admitted to reporters Monday. "It’s like I get these weird urges sometimes, and suddenly I’m tempted to go behind my friends’ backs and attend a megachurch service, or censor books in the school library in some way. Even just the thought of organizing a CD-burning turns me on."

Added Faber, "I feel so confused."

The openly gay teen, who came out to his parents at age 14 and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months, said he first began to suspect he might be different last year, when he started feeling an odd stirring within himself every time he passed a church. The more conservative the church, Faber claimed, the stronger his desire was to enter it.

"It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore," the frightened teenager said. "Keeping this secret obsession with radical right-wing dogma hidden away from my parents, teachers, and schoolmates is tearing me apart."

Love The Onion.

Read more of this heart-rending tale at The Onion.

I Will NOT Vote for T.J. Somer for Judge, No Way, No How

I received an email this evening from the Bloom Township Democrats.

I want to make it clear: I will NOT vote for T.J. "Turncoat" Somer for judge.

No way. No how.

I can’t believe George Scully and Linzey Jones, who are ostensibly Democrats, are putting their names on literature with T.J. Somer, a life-long Republican, who recently became a Democrat so he could have a better chance at getting elected to office.

No way. No how.

I don’t even know if I’ll vote for Scully and Jones. This is just too low a move for them.

Somer is a Republican, and all Democrats should remember that. Somer is an ideological Republican.

Don’t vote for him, whatever you do with the others on the ballot.

Here’s a slogan for you: Anyone But Somer for Judge.

Chicago Tribune Endorses Toni Preckwinkle … For Reform; I’m Listening

I was persuaded by Dorothy Brown, but I am fearful that she is just too much part of the old pseudo-Democratic order: Those Who Just Want To Be Elected.

I’m intrigued by the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement of Toni Preckwinkle for Cook County Board President.


From the Chicago Tribune:

Most of the Illinois Democrats who endorsed Stroger in 2006, from Congress to state government to City Hall, wriggled away long ago. They’re frantic to forget that they wholly own Stroger and his reign — even if they didn’t formally sign off on his Friends and Family Hiring Extravaganza, that felonious steakhouse busboy included.

This year’s primary gives Democrats a do-over. We hope they dump Stroger and instead nominate the honorable and no-nonsense Chicago alderman — yes, there are some — who offers her party its best hope of redemption after the Stroger humiliations.

Toni Preckwinkle, a University of Chicago-educated history teacher turned South Side politico, isn’t a household name in much of Cook County. But she has built an impressive city-suburban alliance of African-American, Latino and white supporters. And on the signature issue in this campaign for many voters, yes, she says she would retire the second half of the 2008 sales tax increase that Stroger engineered.

We think Preckwinkle has the best potential of the three Democrats challenging Stroger to deliver on his badly broken promises for a streamlined and modernized County Building. Appearing before our editorial board, she was the only one of the four to say she would fully protect the independence of the panel that now runs the county’s health care system. That’s crucial: Keeping that system out of the mitts of County Board members, the board president and other bosses is the only hope that patients and taxpayers have for good health services delivered economically.


Read the rest here at the Trib.