Daily archives: October 5th, 2008

Jerry Weller Bails on Bailout

Congressman Jerry Weller made a decision last week and bailed on the most critical economic crisis the United States has faces since, perhaps, the Great Depression.

The Illinois Republican Congressman was the only member of the House of Representatives to cast no vote on the $700 billion bailout, according to the Sun-Times.

That’s right, Weller was the only one of 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives to miss the vote.

A spokesman cited “a commitment to his family” as the reason for missing the vote.

Come on.

Republicans don’t deserve this seat.

In fact, State Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson might have to warm this seat up herself come November.  It’s gone cold.

Ouch! Dodgers Sweep Cubs Away

I respect Cubs fans, but I don’t get them at all.  I’m convinced Wrigley will fall to the ground some day.  The 500 level is a death trap.

Well, we won’t have to worry about baseball at Wrigley for a few more months now.  The Dodgers swept the Cubbies, and that’s all there is to it.

According to the Tribune, the Cubs only led for 2½ innings for the entire series, leading 2-0 in Game 1 from the bottom of the second to the top of the fifth.

That’s more than a complete collapse.

What is it about this team that they can’t muster any energy at all for the playoffs?  Who’s paying them to lose so remarkably?

I’ll put my “It’s Gonna Happen” sign away for another year.

It’s not gonna happen, Cubs fans.