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Congressman Jesse Jackaon, Jr. Endorses Toni Preckwinkle for Cook County Board President

Congressman Jesse Jackaon, Jr. endorses Toni Perwinkle for Cook County Board President.

As do I.

eNews Park Forest Editors Endorse Toni Perwinkle for Cook County Board Prez


The entire Chicagoland area needs the Cook County Board to work, and the fact is, for the past several years, it hasn’t. Besides the serious ethical questions it raises, political patronage is a horribly inefficient and expensive way to do government. In this, Cook County has excelled, and it needs to stop.

Board President Todd Stroger has shown repeatedly that he is not up to the task. From the beginning, Stroger isolated himself, starting with his attempt to reserve one elevator at the County Building for his use only.

Several things concern me about Dorothy Brown, from her “jeans days,” as well as reports from those close to her that employees felt compelled to give Brown cash for her birthday.

The Cook County Board needs an executive who is ethical, reform-minded and practical. Alderman Toni Preckwinkle is all three, and she will receive our votes.

This weekly, which we understand publishes news every day, is growing in popularity in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Park Forest is on the map again.

I think they made a wise move with their endorsement of Perwinkle.

Read the complete endorsement here.